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Focus on technology development and application
To understand the development trend of the world's industries and strive to lead the technological trend in the same industry is the foundation of Integrity's invincible position.In order to continuously improve its technical capabilities, Benefit opens its minds and forms a strategic partnership with its foreign counterparts, And with domestic institutions of higher learning to establish "production and research" cooperative relations.
Pay attention to details
All the benefits should be kept in mind that the equipment is the production of benefits-customer problem-solving, rather than manufacturing problems, if the details can not be done, our equipment will not be able to operate normally when used, to solve the problem for customers is even more Talking about.
Provide development platform for every staff
Is a pearl, it will shine, Yicheng is a big family, as long as you have a dream and both ability and political integrity, you will certainly be able to be successful in Prudential, Prudential is your dream stage.
Set up a Century brand of “Yicheng”
So far, counting Tsingtao Brewery, only a hundred years old in China, Yicheng is determined to be a hundred-year brand and make great efforts to contribute to the development of China's industry.
Return Society
Start from scratch, for the social harmony and development do their part. Education is the foundation of social development. Poor students in Yicheng establish a fixed-point program to help children realize their dreams and strive to pass on this caring act from generation to generation.