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    Yicheng Automation was established in 2007, is a high-tech enterprise passed ISO. The head company is in Shijie town, Dongguan city, set up branch companies in Shenyang and Indonesia, as well as offices in Hongkong and Germany.
    Yicheng Automation specialized in R & D and manufacturing of non-standard automation production equipment, visual location and detection, multi-axis industrial robot, providing enterprises with complete automation solutions and excellent service.

   Yicheng has a great R&D team of more than 50 professional engineers, provide automation solutions for a wide range of enterprises in the field of automobile parts, electrical switches, precision micro-motors, cooling fans, medical devices, etc. The R & D capability, scale of production, and service quality of Yicheng, is in a leading position in non-standard automation industry.
   In order to get continued improvement in R & D capability and provide better service to the market, Yicheng established a "production & learning & research" partnership with several domestic universities , and be the strategic partner with a famous automation equipment manufacturer called "SUSO Automation" in Germany.